Recent immigrants from Kenya - Photo Allison Long, KC Star

During his campaign, Donald Trump pledged to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexican border, deport all immigrants in the country without proper authorization, defund sanctuary cities, and ban immigration from Muslim countries.  During his first few weeks in office, Trump backed up these words with actions, and it now appears likely that his administration will attempt to implement highly restrictive immigration policies.  His efforts, however, have already met with great resistance even in official quarters, with federal judges overturning his travel ban, lawmakers (including some within the GOP) voicing their opposition to the border wall, and the mayors of such cities as Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York announcing their refusal to cooperate with federal authorities in rounding up immigrants within their jurisdictions.

Trump’s actions on the immigration front have also sparked protests across the country. In the days following Trump’s signing of the executive order banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, tens of thousands of Americans gathered at airports and courthouses to register their refusal to allow America to be turned into a “deportation nation.”

There are a number of groups in the Kansas City area that are spearheading efforts to resist the Trump administration’s frontal assault on immigrants and their supporters and provide sanctuary to the most vulnerable members of our communities.  Learn about the issue of immigrantion and the value of immigrants to Kansas City and join the effort to protect the rights of all immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.

Informed Immigrant - resources to help immigrants and their allies obtain the current best-known information and guidance.

Immigration Q&A from the KC Star

National Immigration Legal Services Directory

The Hispanic Development Fund created the following documents in partnership with the Migration Policy Institute:

A 2014 report by Dr. Donna Ginther, director of the Center for Science, Technology & Economic Policy at KU:

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Display this beautiful poster.

Volunteer at a center serving the immigrant community.

Invite a foreign born neighbor or co-worker for coffee.

Teach English to recent immigrants.

Invite an immigrant speaker (or representative from a local immigrant services group) to your school, church or neighborhood association.

Volunteer at a public school serving immigrants.

Write a welcome note to refugee students and families and send to a immigrant services group.

Create an immigrant welcome sign for your home, church or school.

Write a letter to the KC Star about a foreign born friend or associate and why you are glad they are here.

Host a cultural exchange event/dinner for immigrants and native-born residents.

Support immigrant-owned businesses here and when you travel.

Attend an immigrant church service, donate, stay for social hour and volunteer if you can.

Hire an immigrant.

Learn about the US immigration process and the value of immigrants to the Kansas City economy (see links above in intro paragraph) and help educate your friends, neighbors and associates.

Examine your own bias and prejudice and learn tips to help others do the same at Love Has No Labels.

Local Organizations

Advocates for Immigrant Rights and Reconciliation (AIRR) – work within local churches in Wyandotte and Johnson counties to educate about the truth of immigration and the needs of our immigrant communities

Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas – assisting with relocation of refugees

Cultivate Kansas City – Juniper Garden training farm for resettled refugees in KCK

Della Lamb – refugee services

Don Bosco – English as a second language center

Glory House Services – serving the Haitian community in Kansas City

Greater KC Interfaith Council – growing a sustainable, pervasive culture of knowledge, respect, appreciation, and trust amongst people of all faiths and religious traditions

International Relations Council – bringing a global perspective to our community

Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) – engaging, encouraging and empowering people to achieve social, cultural and economic integration

KC for Refugees – helping create a welcoming environment for refugees moving to and living in the greater KC area

Kansas Missouri Dream Alliance (KSMODA) – working to defend undocumented students and families in Missouri

United Nations Association of GKC

Public Schools serving the immigrant community

Kansas City Public Schools (MO) – East High School, Northeast High School, Northeast Middle School

Kansas City Kansas Public Schools (KS)-

Churches that serve the immigrant community

Cherith Brook Catholic Worker House – KCMO

Center of Grace (Olathe)

Grandview Park Presbyterian, KCK

Hispanic Ministries (Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas)

Neema Presbyterian Church (Olathe Kenyan Congregation)

St. Pauls Episcopal (KCK)

St. Sabina Parish (Belton)

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