Spend Your Values

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We don’t just vote at elections – every dollar we spend is a powerful vote for the kind of world we want. We've compiled some ideas on this page for voting with your wallet. Please share your ideas too.

Buy Local - Whenever possible, buy goods, services and meals from locally-owned businesses including minority and immigrant-owned businesses.

KCSourceLink  - list of locally owned businesses

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce membership directory

Mid America Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce directory

Give Upstream - In order to create a better community, we need to fund solutions. Learn about the concept of giving upstream and challenge yourself to give as much money to organizations working on causes as you do to those alleviating symptoms.

Use Public Transportation - By riding public transportation we help support an institution that provides a valuable service to many people in our community who rely on the service. Learn about three of them in this short video from Flatland/KCPT.

Check products you're buying

  • Buycott App uses a phone's camera to scan barcodes of products and will reveal what companies produce the product and what causes and politics the companies support.
  • BuyPartisan App is similar to Buycott, but focuses on political spending of the companies that make the products you want to buy.

Take part in participatory budgeting, a process in which citizens are involved in the budgeting process. Watch for notices from elected officials on opportunities to attend meetings and workshops to make your opinions known re. budget priorities.

Defund Dakota Access Pipeline construction - More than $69 million has been moved out of DAPL-connected banks. Add your own divestment action to the count by moving your money. Check out the YES guide to do it most effectively.

Boycott Trump-connected companies - Grab Your Wallet is a campaign to boycott companies that are owned by the Trump family, contributed to Trump's campaign, or sell Trump merchandise. They also list national companies that are Trump-free.

Support Sanctuary Cities - While there is no official definition of a sanctuary city, these cities are welcoming to immigrants and limit cooperation with federal immigration officials. If you're planning a vacation, consider visiting a sanctuary city.

Follow California's lead - The state of California has banned state-funded and state-sponsored travel to North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kansas because of anti-LGBT laws.

Line up Your Investments 

  • Vanguard Social Index Fund Investor Shares helps socially conscious investors buy stocks that meet certain social, human rights, and environmental criteria.
  • Motif Investing allows investors greater flexibility when choosing stocks to support. You can choose from professionally built portfolios that center on a set of values.
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